Warning signs

International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors

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Parents | Warning signs

Things to look for if you are concerned about your teen gambling:

  • Does your teen often talk about gambling, or gambling products, or has begun using specialized gambling lingo like "bookies," "chips," and "point spread"?
  • Do you find your teen is interested in gambling-related conversations and TV shows?
  • Have you noticed changes in your teen's behaviour or attitude (e.g. mood swings)?
  • Has your teen been experiencing difficulties in school (e.g. loss of interest, grades dropping, and poor work performance)?
  • Has he or she had unexplained absences from school?
  • Do you suspect your teen has been lying to you about his or her activities?
  • Has your teen been asking for more money for lunch and transportation or other personal expenses?
  • Is your teen displaying large amounts of money or other material possessions which cannot be accounted for by his or her regular income?
  • Have you noticed money or valuable objects missing from your house?
  • Is your teen experiencing problems with other family members, or with their friends?
  • Is your teen familiar with Internet gambling web sites?